Youth Fellowship


Our Youth Fellowship has many exciting activities and opportunities for young people to make friends, grow in their faith and serve alongside the adults in the church.

Bible Class

Bible Class
Bible Class is for young people in S1-S3 and runs during the Sunday Morning Worship Service, which begins at 10.30am. We use music, games and more to teach our young people about what it means to live as followers of Christ and how to apply God's word to our lives. 

On the third Sunday of each month the young people will stay in the service to enjoy the adult teaching and participate in communion. We do this to help them develop their skills in listening and to help them get the most out of the sermon as well as learning about the significance of communion as part of the Church family at CBC. We believe this is vital in their development and growth as young Christians as they will be expected to stay in the service once they reach S4. .  


Youth Fellowship

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YF is for pupils in S1 and up and it takes place on Sunday evenings.  We encourage the young people to attend the CBC Evening Service from 7-8pm before going over to Hunter House with the leaders at 8.15pm. YF then finishes at 9.30pm.  We encourage all our young people to attend the Evening Service before going over to Hunter House as it teaches our young people how to participate in a full service and how to listen to God's word through a preacher.  

However YF does not always take place in Hunter House; at the moment we run a varied schedule as follows:


This is a relaxed evening of fun and games in Hunter House which takes place after the evening service.  Our young people can chill out, play games and chat with the leaders.

'An Evening With...'
After the evening service the young people will go with the leaders to a member of the congregations home, where they will enjoy supper and getting to know the hosts a little more.  The reason we encourage this interaction between the young people and others within the congregation is to help build relationships, to encourage the young people that they are part of the whole congregation and not just on the sidelines.  It helps the congregation to get to know the young people better and to encourage one another in their faith.  This is an evening that all our young people thoroughly enjoy and look forward to.  Parents are given details of the host home and asked to collect the young people at 9.30pm however arrangements can be made to drop young people at their homes if necessary. 

The leaders and young people go to Hunter House after the evening service and this is where we have a focussed evening of Bible study, looking at God's word and how to apply it to our lives.  Our young people and leaders alike get a great deal out of this evening and it is always a great evening to join us.  One of the resources we have access to is Rightnow Media, which has an extensive library of video studies, both Biblical and topical. When you join the CBC website you will have access to Rightnow Media which allows our young people to continue using this great resource at home as well as at YF. 

Over the past year we have taken our young people to SOUL at Hamilton Baptist Church which is a youth focussed service run by the team at HBC.  The young people love going to SOUL and get a lot out of it due to the nature of it being driven by and for youths. After the service they enjoy time in the main hall at HBC with games, table tennis, refreshments and more. This is an ideal opportunity to let the young people see that they are not the only teenager who is a Christian.  It allows them to build friendships with other Christians in the area.  We meet at Hunter House and 6pm and the leaders travel with the young people to HBC.  The young people are then dropped at their home address by 9.30pm at the latest. 

Details of what is going on will be posted on social media each week and is available on our weekly church newsletter.  You can sign up to the newsletter by registering on this website. 

For more information please contact Cal Morrison, who co-ordinates the youth ministry here at CBC and he will be happy to help.