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Heading into summer, we explored the four shortest letters in the New Testament - Philemon, 2 John, 3 John & Jude.

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Following Easter, we explored Paul's letter to the Philippians. Be sure to catch up or listen again to what we learned through this rich letter!

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Listen again to our Easter series entitled 'The Final Word', exploring how Jesus has the final word on life and death, sin and judgement, joy, hope and mission (among other things). This becomes evident in the events leading up to and surrounding his own death and resurrection, all that he has to say about that plus the implications of that for everyone else. There is never enough time to say all that could be said about these things, but we hope to share the good news of Jesus as he has the final word on the things that matter most to us.

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Catch up again on the series Thomas began on The Gospel: The Message and Its Messengers.

Thomas - The Gospel Message an

We have been in the Psalms a lot in the evenings, and since last summer we started a series on Prayer which you can listen to again. Also, every so often we have Stan Adams preaching through Matthew in his series 'Listening to Jesus', and at the end of every month we have a joint service with other churches such as Claremont Parish Church. These services are called Last Sunday at 7. For the month of January our evening services have been at Claremont Parish, and the last Sunday of every month until summer will also be at Claremont Parish. After a long break, John has also resumed his series on the Gospel of John, which you can find the whole series by searching on the Sermons and Media page, and there will be a series in the evenings on Ezra.

Catch up or listen again to any of these and more in the sermons and media page.

The Psalms Series 18 The Life of Prayer Series 18 Listening to Jesus - Matthew S Last Sunday at 7pm
The Gospel of John Ezra