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We have just setup a dedicated telephone service for those who have no internet connection, no way of watching our live online services or even accessing our online recordings.

Every Monday the service will be updated with the latest sermon from that Sunday.

The telephone number is: 01355 200410

Please note: This service gives access only to the recording and only after the event. Unfortunately, it does not allow for listening live, so please only use the service from the specified day and time to avoid disappointment.

To listen to the sermon, all you need to do is simply dial our dedicated local number on your telephone and listen as the sermon recording is played. You can do this anytime and as often as you like. The rates are just standard rates like any other call, and will be included if you have any free minutes on your package. When you call, you will hear a short introductory message and then there will be a short period of silence before the sermon begins.

Please pass this number on to anyone you know who wants to listen in but has no online access.