Family Community Gardening Day

Throughout the spring, summer and autumn months of 2019, we would love to keep the garden around the church looking good and tidy. So, on the last Saturday of every month, we'll be holding a Family Community Gardening Day. You don't have to commit to coming to each one, you can just come along on the days when you are free.

There will be a full range of activities for all ages and for fitness levels. You can also come along for the full 4 hours or you can just pop along for a shorter time. There will be tea & coffee for adults and juice & fruit for the kids.

The dates for our Community Gardening Days are:
Saturday 30th March from 10am-2pm

Saturday 27th April from 10am-2pm
Saturday 25th May from 10am-2pm

Saturday 29th June from 10am-2pm

Saturday 27th July from 10am-2pm

Saturday 31st August from 10am-2pm

Saturday 28th September from 10am-2pm

Saturday 26th October from 10am-2pm

We hope to see you then. If you need more information, please contact Jason Lang.

Jason and the gardening team