Bethanys 50th Sleep Out

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For many people this winter being out in the cold, out in the darkness and out of chances is a reality.
However, we are not out of time. We are challenging YOU to get out of your comfort zone and Sleep OUT to support people who are homeless in Scotland.
Since 2002 Bethany Supporters have been involved in 47 Sleep Outs across 9 locations in Scotland to raise money for the life-saving work of Bethany Christian Trust.  Join us this year with three more Sleep Outs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow taking us to 50 Sleep Outs on Friday 8th March 2019.
The experience will be challenging, but it is nothing compared to what those who have to sleep rough have to go through every night. For us, this may be our worst sleep ever, but this is the reality for many people in Scotland today.
One of the stories we are sharing this year is from Constantine. Constantine is someone who was living on the streets, experiencing violence and abuse daily, “During the winter you’ve got nowhere to go so you wander the streets all day in the pouring rain. You try sitting in the station but the police just move you on. Which is no fault of them they’re just doing their job, but then you’re back out on the streets again just wandering around.”
He was often at risk of violence and abuse. “Somebody shouted ‘oh there’s a human slug - let’s see if we can get him squashed’ and dragged me into the road in my sleeping bag. If you’re sleeping there’s drunk people, youngsters around who are trying it on… Let’s have a laugh, let’s pee on him, let’s see if we can set fire to him”.
Constantine then came across the Bethany Care Shelter and says, “The Bethany Care Shelter saved my life. At night at the door of the Church and you just know that tonight I’m gonna have a warm place, it’s gonna be safe, I’m gonna be able to sleep”. Bethany offers grace and kindness in the shape of a warm bed, love, security and support.  With Bethany’s help, Constantine moved into the Bethany Christian Centre then Bethany House and now has his own Bethany Flat where he is beginning to rebuild his life.
Constantine found support through Bethany’s services but there are many more people struggling on the streets this Winter. By signing up to the Sleep Out, you will be helping to support people like Constantine, who are homeless throughout Scotland.
Registration is £5 and we ask that you set your target to raise £100. Over the years at the Sleep Out we have raised nearly £400,000 towards ending homelessness in Scotland. This money has had a massive impact on so many people’s lives, but we know we need to do more. For example;
£21 could provide a hot meal, a safe, warm bed and specialist support for someone who would otherwise be forced to sleep outside.
£75 could pay for a weekly drop-in to support homeless and isolated people gain skills and build confidence.
£250 could fund 3 months support for someone who has been homeless and is resettling in the community.
Homeless and vulnerable people in our society urgently need your help.  For Bethany’s 50th Sleep Out are you willing to have the worst sleep ever?
To find out more call 0131 561 8924 or e-mail

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..., 29/01/2019