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Steps to Release Course Update Oct 2016 

Following our Awareness Night on 2nd June at Hunter House this year, our first course started on 23rd June continuing to 18th Aug. We had five people attend at some point, three completed it and found it beneficial. One reducing cigarettes from 40/day to 5, one being more in control of over/comfort eating and one finding freedom from a Diet Coke addiction resulting in her feeling more alert and sleeping better. At the end of the course four of us attended a CAP evangelical meal at the Torrance Hotel where two made a commitment of faith for the first time.

Lots of positive links have been made with other voluntary agencies, South Lanarkshire Council Social Work Department and the NHS Addiction Services and we will continue to build on this.

As a Team of six people, we truly believe that God wants to reach out and help people who have problems with any kind of dependency or addiction - He wants to set the captives free. Our confidence is in Jesus as we are the messengers and He is the 'Story Changer'.

The second course started on 29th Sept, seven people came along initially and five are continuing. The depth of sharing and openness has been very humbling as people recognise that the group is a safe place, and they have support from other members and the team. Weekly milestones and goals are being achieved and stories are changing.

Elaine Allison 
CAP Release Groups Coach


If you know someone who would like help or would find support through Release Groups, please ask them to get in touch. 
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Details of our next CAP RELEASE GROUPS - STEPS TO RELEASE COURSE will be available on-line soon. For more information regarding Release Groups and courses please contact Elaine Allison or call 07729312773


Elaine Allison, 04/11/2016