Church Plant Update

An update from Simanga - DENNISTOUN BAPTIST CHURCH (JUNE 2016)

What a wonderful privilege for us to share in part in what is happening here at Dennistoun and what we believe the Lord will do in the near future as He is active in the business of extending his Kingdom.
Having met, known and worked with Mark and Pauline, from Calderwood Baptist we thought it would be a good thing to team up with them in the Lord's work of the church replant, fulfilling the Lord's commission of preaching the Good News of the Kingdom.
Khetsiwe and I began attending DBC around March of this year and we found that Mark, (the pastor) was already leading / teaching the church on an exciting series titled 'New Beginnings'; taken from the Gospel of Mark.
In Mark’s Gospel we learn that the Kingdom of God is here in power, authority and in restoration of peace, joy and healing and among other things. It is here but, we do not yet see it in its full measure nor in its rule and dominion over all things.
Mark’s Gospel beautifully portrays Jesus being the Son of God (Mark 1:1) who has divine authority, and continues to support this picture with the wonderful miracles performed in His ministry. Jesus is seen going through the villages and cities in Judea ushering God's Kingdom through teaching of the Word and through a demonstration of His power.
In chapters 4-5 Mark, quickly highlights four distinctive situations whereby Jesus steps in and transforms:
The first was towards creation / nature – He calms the storm saying “Peace, be still” and right away, after his rebuke, the storm disappeared.
The second was against the demoniac / evil spirits – Jesus casts out the demons, sets the man free and left him with a message,“Go ...tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee...”
The third was against sickness and diseases; a haemorrhaging woman comes, and touches Jesus's clothes, believing that she can be healed. Jesus affirms her action and says, “...your faith has made you whole”.
The fourth was against death – Jesus says to Jairus’ daughter,“Little girl I say to you arise” and right there his daughter awoke.
Jesus shows us who He is in all four of these situations and when we see Him as God it gives us a vision of the life we are to live in light of the many difficult circumstances we face. Now that we have seen how the Kingdom operates we will begin to apply its principles and precepts through faith as aided by the Holy Spirit.
While seeking to befriend the people of Dennistoun, (among other things), we have spent time in different areas of the community in order to get a picture of what Dennistoun is like. We pray and hope that our presence will be felt as we seek to be ‘salt and light’ to those we meet.
On our first scheduled prayer walk, the forecast was rainfall but to our amazement God kept it from us all the time we were on the streets praying. Immediately, as we finished and waked in separate directions to our cars the rain-drops started to fall! On the second occasion we sensed God's overwhelming peace as we prayed for the community and the weather was great too!
We love Dennistoun, we see it as our Jerusalem and we are open to all that God will do through us in the future, in grace and peace.
Simanga Ndzabukelwako
10th June 2016 

Simanga Ndzabukelwako, 24/06/2016