New Gardening Service...

as part of a new Social Enterprise within Calderwood and East Kilbride

Jason Lang and others within CBC are looking to establish a Social Enterprise group where they will look to provide services, training and eventually employment in various trades throughout Calderwood and East Kilrbide. This is in the very early stages and all involved would appreciate your prayers at this time as they seek God's will in all they do. 

As part of this initial set up Jason Lang is keen to establish a Gardening Service to those who require it whether they are unable to do it themselves, they are unable to afford other companies to do so including South Lanarkshire Council or just don't have the time. At the moment Jason is trying to find out what need there is out there within the community for such a serivce and is looking to the congregation at CBC to help.  If you or someone you know could use this service please get in touch either by contacting the CBC Office 01355 520765 and we will pass your details on to Jason or you can put your contact details on the sheet at the back of the Church hall on Sunday.  If you would like more information please speak to Jason Lang.  

Garden Maintenance Scheme 2


Angela Wilson, 08/04/2016